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Dr. Tiffany Morse
805-640-4300 x 1012
Dr. Sherrill Knox
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
805-640-4300 x 1005
Katrina Madden
Assistant Superintendent of Business and Administrative Services
805-640- 4300 x 1003
Hazel Gonzalez
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
805-640-4300 x 1011
Jane Weil
Board President
Board of Education
Kevin Ruf
Board Vice President
Board of Education
Michael Shanahan
Board Clerk
Board of Education
Shelly Griffen
Board Member
Board of Education
Rebecca Chandler
Board Member
Board of Education
Angie Genasci
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources
805-640-4300 x 1041
Frances Gonzalez
Director of Nutrition Services
805-640-4300 x 1079
Linda Jordan
Public Information Officer/Homeless Foster Youth Liaison
805-640-4300 x 1067
Taiwo Madison
Director of Fiscal Services
Business Office
805-640-4300 x 1022
Alexandra Mejia-Holdsworth
Emergent Bilingual and Family Support Coordinator
Robin Monson
Director of Special Education
805-640-4300 x 1016
David Rogers
Director of Operations
805-640-4300 x 1077
Marilyn Smith
Director of Special Projects
805-640-4300 x 1048
Nichole Sandefur
Mental Health Clinician for OUSD
805-640-4343 x 1858
Marisa Pierini
Educational Services and Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources
805-640-4300 x 1042
Russ Bennett
Coordinator of Maintenance and Operations
805-640-4300 x 1071