Special Diets


Ojai Unified School District is committed to educating our students in a healthful and safe environment and we want to ensure students with special needs who require modified diets at school get the support they need. This is a general announcement and may not pertain to your student.

NEW - ALLERGEN FREE LUNCHES: This school year we will be serving allergen free meals daily via the salad bar at all elementary school sites . Students with allergies to eggs, soy, dairy [milk, butter, cheese], wheat, sesame, fish, tree nuts and peanuts will be able to build a fully reimbursable allergen free lunch from our salad bar.

GUARDIANS OF ELEMENTARY STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT A CNP-925 FORM in order for a student to receive this meal. As a result, we will only be providing special diets to elementary students who have a physical or mental impairment (disability) which substantially limits one or more major life activities and who has a record of such impairment.

NEW - AT LEAST 1 GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN OPTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE DAILY AT MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL. Guardians must submit a Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations or CNP-925 form completed by a state licensed healthcare professional (licensed physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners) that includes a complete and signed written medical statement for a disability that includes: a. Description of the physical or mental impairment outlining how it restricts a child’s diet, b. An explanation as to what must be done to accommodate a child’s disability, c. Identifies a food or foods to be omitted from a child’s diet and d. Recommends food or a choice of foods that must be substituted in a child’s meals.

Special meal requests will only be accommodated upon receipt of a completed and signed CNP-925 form.