Measure J and Measure K Bond

Measure J - In 2014, OUSD's $35,000,000 Measure J Bond was generously approved by the Ojai area community to repair and upgrade our aged and deteriorating campus facilities.

Since that time, the district has completed over 50 construction projects at its nine sites, and has an additional three large construction projects in progress. Information on these projects, completed and in progress, is accessible here

Measure J's scope is to improve the quality of education; renovate and upgrade classrooms and facilities; repair and or replace leaky roofs; upgrade inadequate/ outdated plumbing, electrical, heating/ ventilation, and air conditioning systems, make health safety and security improvements, and improve student access to computers/ technology.

Additionally, our Citizens Oversight Committee oversees the administration and execution of Measure J projects and bond monies.

Measure K - In June of 2020, the Ojai Unified School District Trustees unanimously approved Measure K, a $45 million general obligation bond measure for the November 3, 2020 ballot. Our community overwhelmingly supported the bond.

Ojai Unified School District Bond Managers provided regular updates to our Board of Trustees, Superintendent and the community at regularly-scheduled Board Meetings. You can find a list of upcoming Board Meetings here, and previous Bond Construction Project updates, below.

Upcoming Projects

MO library

Ojai Unified School District and The Ventura County Library system are partnering on a joint-use library project at Meiners Oaks Elementary.

The rendering, provided by Onyx Creative, show initial design, which include new storefront windows to provide a true indoor/outdoor classroom space. The final design will be available soon.