Ojai Unified School District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations are the local set of governing regulations that work in conjunction with other state and federal laws that oversee the way we do business. You may view them at this website.


A list of Board Meeting agendas, minutes and videos can be viewed here

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Members of the public have the right to present public comments in two ways:

  1. Prior to 3 pm the day of the meeting public comments can be submitted in writing by clicking this link:

    Make a Public Comment 

  2. Members of the public who wish to make public comments after 3 pm the day of the meeting may make live comments from either the Board Room located at Ojai Unified School District Office 414 E. Ojai Avenue or at Matilija Middle School Auditorium located at 703 El Paso Rd (depending of the location of the meeting).


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Dr. Rebecca Chandler, Board President

Dr. Rebecca Chandler
Board President - Trustee Area 2
Term: December 2020 through December 2024

Shelly Griffen, Board President

Shelly Griffen
Board Vice President - Trustee Area 4
Term: December 2016 through November 2024

Atticus Reyes, Board Clerk

Atticus Reyes

Board Clerk - Trustee Area 3

Term: December 2022 through November 2026

Phil Moncharsh, Trustee Area 1

Phil Moncharsh
Trustee Area 1
Term: December 2022 through November 2026

Dr. Jim Halverson, Trustee Area 5

Dr. Jim Halverson
Trustee Area 5

Term: December 2022 through November 2026

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