Ojai Unified School District utilizes online Quality Bidders  program that potential vendors must register with to submit bids. We will use this system to notify you of upcoming work. Some bids will not allow for online submission. If you do not see the option to submit bids online, they must be returned sealed, in full, at our District Office (414 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai 93023).

To view our current open bids, expired bids, or bids without a deadline, navigate to our Ojai Unified School District Solicitations Portal.


In June 2005, the Ojai Unified School District Board of Education authorized the District’s participation in the California Uniform Public Construction Contract Program. As a condition of bidding, and in accordance with the provisions of section 22034 of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) and Ojai Unified School District Board Policy 3311, prospective contractors (bidders) on projects with an estimated cost of between $15,000 and $175,000.00 are required to complete and submit the attached pre-qualification application. (CUPCCAA Application)

Ojai District invites all licensed contractors who are willing to perform public works construction and/or repair projects between $1,000 and $175,000 to submit the name of their firm and an application for inclusion on a list of qualified bidders for the 2017 calendar year, in accordance with Public Contract Code §22034. Contractors shall be required to provide the name and address where a Notice to Contractors or Request for Proposal should be mailed, telephone number where the contractor may be reached, the type of work which the contractor is currently licensed to perform (earthwork, plumbing, electrical, painting, general building, etc.), together with the class of contractor’s license(s) held and contractor’s license number(s).

Please email requests for Applications packages to Kathleen Tarrats at ktarrats@ojaiusd.org or in person to Ojai School District, 414 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, California, 93023. Applications will be accepted throughout the year and can be obtained in the documents section on this page.

Labor Code §1770 states that the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations of the State of California has determined the general prevailing rates of wages and employee payments for health and welfare, pension, vacation, travel time, working hours, and apprenticeship training requirements. These rates and requirements are on file at the District office and are incorporated in all District contracts by reference. Labor Code §1735 provides that, “No discrimination shall be made in employment of persons upon public works because of the race, color, national origin or ancestry, or religion of such person, and every contractor for public works violating this section is subject to all the penalties imposed for a violation of the chapter.” In compliance with the law, this provision is included in all contracts of the Ojai School District.