Parents and Guardians: Pairing a Canvas Account

Jake pairing an observer account

Click image to watch two-minute video tutorial, subtitled in Spanish

A parent account allows you to be an observer in your child’s class. 

Note: This setup is easier when the parent is on their own device, and the student is accessing their account through a chromebook. 

Step 1: Obtaining a Pairing Code: You will need to generate a pairing code for each account. If parents want their own accounts, generate the appropriate number of Pairing Codes by clicking the pairing code button a second time and recording the code.

To obtain a student pairing code:

  1. Ask your student to login to their Canvas account, and

  2. Click on "Account" then

  3. Click on “Settings” then

  4. Click on "Pair with Observer" then

  5. Copy the code that is created for use in the next section. 

    • Remember to create one pairing code for each student account. Parents can share an account with another parent, or choose to pair separate accounts for the same student. 

    • To create additional codes, click the "Pair with Observer" box again after copying the code.


Step 2 - Parent Account Setup

  1. Parents, visit, then

  2. Click on "Parent of a Canvas User" at the top right of the login screen, then

Enter your (parent’s) name, email, and create a password. At the bottom it will ask you for the "Student Pairing Code". Enter the pairing code from the previous step.

Step 3 - Success!  You’re all set

Helpful tips: 

  1. To easily access your Canvas parent account:

  2. 1. Bookmark this url

Students: Logging in to Canvas

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your school email address and password (see below)

  3. You will land on the dashboard.

  4. To see your upcoming courses, click on Courses on the left.

For Username and Password

  1. Your Canvas username is your student email address.

a. Forgot your email address?Use: Example: Student Jane Smith, class of 2025, email address =

  1. Your Canvas password is your student email password.

a. don't know your password?

  1. For Nordhoff High School, call Ms. Lambos at 805-640-4343 x1760.

  1. For Matilija Middle School, call Ms. Boehm at 805-640-4355, x1660.

Email not working? If you are having trouble with your student email giving an error message or indicates “inactive”, please fill out our HELP form.