Students in the Nordhoff Intro to Dance and Dance Technique classes are introduced to hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical dance and ethnic dance. In addition, student dancers now have the opportunity to take Choreography, an after school class that helps cultivate student's choreographic skills. Attendance at Nordhoff’s Fall and Spring Dance concerts has grown quickly since the program began in the 2004-05 school year. Nordhoff dance students perform to sold-out, standing room only concerts. Dance concerts showcase a wide variety of work including professional and student choreography.

A group with all of the dance member teams in the school's theatre

Four girls performing, all clad in white and bright green socks

A monochromatic photo with two dancers performing

Two girls performing on the school's theatre the two of them dressed up in bright clothing

Five girls on the stage, one holding to the other and the other three looking right back at them

Seven girls standing still, the lighting shinning above their heads

A photo of the performance, a group of the girls dancing at the floor and the others stretching and lifting up one of their legs

One photo of the performance, one of the girls being lifted up with the help of a group while the others dance around them

The dance all dancing at the same time for the choreography, one group of them dressed in dresses and the other in pants and polo shirts

A girl jumping up, a group of girls holding her back and supporting her in the air

A monochromatic photo, the girl closest to the camera sitting and the other three performing at the back of the stage

A contemporary dance performance in the theatre

A girl standing in the middle of the group, holding her hands up to the sky while the other still dance around her

A choreographed dance being performed, the majority of girls dressed up in floral dresses

A performance done by the dance club, three pairs of girls dipping their partner into the floor and then helping them stand back up.

Two girls dancing and the lighting only illuminating the floor and their legs