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Nordhoff High School - Peer Wellness CTE Pathway

Peer Wellness

Peer Wellness I  (A-G approval pending)

Length: 1 year; grades 9, 10, 11, 12. Prerequisite: None.

Students will explore mental and behavioral health through a variety of disciplines including reading and writing, history, and science. A primary focus of the course is on self-knowledge and building capacity to serve as campus leaders for mental health awareness and wellness. They will define mental illness, differentiate between myths and truths about mental health, and identify how the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system relate to physical, mental, and emotional health. Students will have the opportunity to assess their own mental and behavioral health status. Students will learn about multiple roles within the healthcare system to inform their understanding of preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental and behavioral illnesses, will debate the ethics of different situations surrounding mental illness, and will look at the system-wide successes and barriers to healthcare on a national and international scale. Students in the Peer Wellness course will be trained in peer mediation skills in service of the student community and in preparation for careers in the mental health and legal professions. Peer Wellness II will be available during the 2022-2023 school year for pathway completion.

Teacher Names: Bronwen Cull-Michels & Kim Hoj

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