Cross Country Handbook

Head Coach: Dave Settem
Phone: 640-4343 x1812
Assistant Coach: Fender Carnine
Phone: 640-4343 x1840
Assistant Coach: Javier Quiroz

(Download important NHS XC documents here.)

Cross Country Info


Students must be in classes all day in order to practice or participate in a meet. If you have a doctor’s appointment, please send an email to Rene Nakao the day before the appointment so your absence is excused.


Students may NEVER drive themselves or ride with anyone other than on the school bus or in the school vans to a meet. Doing so will suspend the athlete from the team.

If you want to take your son or daughter home from a Cross Country meet, you need to complete a Student transportation Form at least 24 hours in advance. The form must be turned in to Essie at the NHS Office, and she will get approval from the Dean of Students. One form is sufficient for the entire school year. You will only be allowed to take home your own son or daughter. All other team members must go back to school on the school bus or school vans. Only a parent or legal guardian is allowed to submit the request.


Students must have a 2.00 GPA in order to participate on a school team. If you need help in a class, please ask your teacher, counselor or talk to your coach as Nordhoff has help available during the Seminar Period, Lunch and After School.

Students must be residentially eligible and all CIF paperwork must be completed and OK’d by administration before participating.

Code of Ethics:

Review this document with students in order to be sure that everyone understands the expectations of a Nordhoff athlete.

Parent Concerns:

Parents should contact the coach if there are concerns which must be addressed. Rene Nakao-Mauch and Jim Hall are available for parents to discuss more serious issues.

Parent Team Drivers:

See Essie in the office to fill out the appropriate paperwork if you are planning on being a parent driver for one of the school vans. No parent can transport any student, without having proper paperwork on file, in advance.