Programs for English Learners in the Ojai Unified School District

The Ojai Unified School District's goal for English learners is for them to develop fluency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible in an established English language classroom through structured English immersion or an alternate course of study with the curriculum designed for such students. English Language Learners who: (a) acquire a good working knowledge of English during a temporary transition period, and (b) meet the district's criteria for transition, are then transferred into English language mainstream classrooms and given second language support via the core curriculum. English language learners are redesignated to fluent English proficient (FEP) after meeting district criteria established to ensure that these students have overcome language barriers, have recouped any academic deficits incurred in other areas of the curriculum, and can demonstrate English language proficiency comparable to that of the school district's average students who are native English language speakers.