To provide equities in access to education and ensure that students and families have the resources they need to learn and participate in school, OUSD launched its Family Fund initiative in the fall of 2019.

Family Fund is the central point to provide support for the ongoing wellness needs of our students, providing resources to our families, such as:

  • Bikes and other transportation (bus tokens)

  • Clothing, Shoes, Backpacks and School Supplies

  • Health care and medical testing

  • Meals and food

  • After-school care funding

  • Field trip funds (Catalina Island Marine Institute and more)

  • Sports/Athletic Team Funds.

  • Devices/Internet

  • Tech Tutoring

Resources for Distance Learning

Provide devices and hotspots for families to ensure their children are able to participate in distance learning. Although we were able to provide 1:1 devices - chromebooks and laptops - through previous grants, our district ordered and delivered over 70 hotspots for at-home internet access for our families who didn't previously internet access.  We've provided information on free or low-cost internet service to our families ( more information here ) and have provided free wifi service to FRL-eligible families who live in areas where a hotspot is not the best option for bandwidth. We have elected to pay the cost of internet for these FRL-eligible families.

Tech Tutoring

Beginning in August of 2020, we've begun providing another resource for our students/families; "Tech Tutoring" :

*Helping students login to their device/chromebook.
*Helping students navigate to Canvas, and to their classes and assignments within Canvas.
*Providing guidance on where to find help for both technology and access issues.

Tech Tent Fridays
If your student needs help with a malfunctioning OUSD device (Chromebook or Hotspot) - for this, please fill out Help form 
here or visit our District campus parking lot for socially-distanced, hands-on help with technology.

Logging On/Passwords/Etc.

If your student has lost or forgotten their logon credentials, please contact their School Site Office Manager, listed below:

  • Meiners Oaks Elementary - mmiddough@ojaiusd.org

  • Mira Monte Elementary - ndiaz@ojaiusd.org

  • San Antonio Elementary - jmcmillan@ojaiusd.org

  • Topa Topa Elementary - afaunt@ojaiusd.org

  • Matilija Middle School - cboehm@ojaiusd.org

  • Chaparral High School - lmccleary@ojaiusd.org

  • Nordhoff High School - azuniga@ojaiusd.org

  • Summit School - jmcmillan@ojaiusd.org

This time should be during the Student Support period, which differs from school to school. Please check your student's schedule, and reach out to the office manager with your request. Please make sure your student brings the chromebook or the device they are using.

Housing and Other Basic Needs

This year, Family Fund has identified FRL-eligible families who, for many reasons, were unable to pay their outstanding cafeteria balance at the end of 2019/20 school year. Family Fund has elected to donate the funds for these families' accounts to clear any outstanding debt. Additionally, during school closures we worked to identify our families who have the most need. We created a Help Form (here) and discerned that a homeless family was struggling to find county or city housing. We were able to provide funding for short-term housing, giving these families time to connect with community agencies to find a more sustainable solution. For more information on short-term and long-term housing help, and tools to avoid homelessness, please click here

Resources to Provide These Services

We appreciate our community and local partner organizations such as Ojai Womens Fund, Rotary Club of Ojai, Rotary Club of Ojai West , Ojai Valley Lion's Club, The Optimists Club of Ojai. Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation, The Ojai Presbyterian Church and Center for Spiritual Living for donations and grants that continue to drive our efforts to support our struggling families.  As we can see an increased need in Ojai Valley due to ramifications from coronavirus, we want to ensure our community has a platform to support our efforts, and have added a donation portal here Any funds donated to OUSD’s Family Fund will  provide for our families in need.

For more information on OUSD's Family Fund, please email communications@ojaiusd.org

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