Credential Renewal Information
Mandatory Online Renewal

Save Time . . . Renew Online . . .

All credentials must be renewed online with the exception of Child Development Permits and Preliminary Documents (You must now renew any CLEAR Credential or Substitute Permit via this online process). Renewals via the Internet - with 30-day processing time are available at www.ctc.ca.gov


You must have a Mastercard/Visa to process the request. The current online fee is $102.50. When you complete the online renewal process, make a copy of your transaction for your records. Your official document should be processed within 30 days. Upon receipt of the notification, you must register the document at the Ventura County Office of Education. You may either scan and email it to Human Resources or bring it to the HR Office and we will courier it to VCOE. Online processing is available for 30-day sub permits and professional clear credentials. Preliminary credentials must still be submitted by the recommending institution. For further information please call Barbi Rice at 640-4300 x 1041 or Katie White at 640-4300 X1042.

We are happy to assist with the online renewal process if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the credential holder to renew their credential or permit PRIOR to the expiration date. If you have a lapse in credentialing, you may not be paid for any services rendered without a valid certificate. Please renew at least 30 days prior to your expiration date. If you are unable to locate your document and unsure of the expiration date, you may access this information on the CTC website, or call our office to confirm your expiration/renewal requirements.