distance learning overview for parents, phase 2

March 30th through April 19th 

Spring Break: April 6th through 10th

Part I: Keeping Students Safe, Healthy and Fed

During our continued school closure due to Covid-19, our first priority is to make sure that our students and families have their basic needs met.

We will continue our meal service three days per week on every campus.

We also have delivery available for students and families that cannot leave their home. If you are in need of home delivery, please fill out our HELP form here.

Part 2: Social-Emotional Wellness and Mental Health

We know that this event can be scary and stressful for our students. From the disruption of daily routines to the loss of events and traditions kids have been looking forward to for years, some of our students may be experiencing real trauma. To support you in your efforts in discussing these concerns with your children, we’ve provided some useful documents here.

Additionally, our school psychologists, mental health clinicians and high school counselors are here to help with live counseling appointments. This resource is provided free for OUSD families, and all meetings are confidential.

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Because we believe that social connection is critical in these times, we have asked teachers to check in with students once per week. Depending on the grade level, teachers may check in by email, ParentSquare, StudentSquare, phone, or Zoom.

These check-ins from teachers are not intended to be overwhelming, but to let our students know that we are thinking about them and to provide a chance to ask questions. Check-ins with students will continue in Phase 2 of our Distance Learning Plan to ensure that students are accessing Phase 2 learning, and provided assistance, if needed.

Part 3: Distance Learning

The transition to distance learning is a huge undertaking for all of us, including teachers and staff, students, and parents. Our phased approach allows us to work on supporting students with their most critical needs, while preparing to transition to full distance learning.

Phase 2 of our distance learning plan is the transition from Enrichment activities to Extension assignments. All assignments will be on our Phase 2 Assignments Page here by Monday, March 30.

Our staff has worked collaboratively to build a daily schedule of assignments for students. For this phase, assignments will not be graded, however teachers may give feedback. This is the chance for students and teachers to practice working online, before we transition to a daily online learning schedule.

We know that some of our families are still in need of devices and internet access. If you need a device from the school, fill out our HELP form. Unfortunately, at this time, all available hotspots have been delivered and additional hotspots are currently backordered. Please visit our Internet Options page here for information on low-cost offers from local providers.

Because of these potential technical issues, during Phase 2, all core assignments will also be available in printed packets for elementary and middle school students. If you would like a packet printed of the assignments for the week, just fill out our HELP form. Our office staff will print the packet for the week and have it available in the office  during the same schedule as lunch pickup, from 11-1 on every campus, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Because we cannot provide printed materials easily at the High School Level, NHS and CHS students may come to campus between 11-1 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to use the internet in rooms set up with social distancing protocols.

Part 3: Distance Learning FAQ

1. Where do we access the assignments? All assignments are on our Phase 2 Assignments Page and assignments will be posted by Monday, March 30. You can also request printed packets for elementary and middle school school students using our Help form.  Packets will be available at all sites Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-1pm.

2. Is there a schedule? For this phase, while we are still working out technical issues, we don’t have a set schedule every day. However, in Phase 3 of our fully implemented distance learning plan there will be a daily schedule.

3. What if the work is not enough/too much? We recommend in Phase 2 you work with your child to create a schedule for online work, as Phase 3 will have much more required structure.

If your child finishes the work assignments for the week, they can move ahead if working on an online platform, or reach out to their teacher. Students are welcome to explore other learning opportunities. You can refer back to our enrichment page to explore more options.

If there is too much work at this time, just focus on what works for your family. Remember, Phase 2 work is not required, only recommended.

If the work is too difficult, please reach out to a teacher for support.

4. What if my child has an IEP? In Phase 2, each grade level includes identified accommodations that can support students with their assignments. However, the assignments are not required.

Parents will be receiving a letter, called a prior written notice, which explains that an alternate plan will be provided during the school closure. Each parent will also receive a separate letter which will detail the specific services that will be provided during Phase 3 when we move to full implementation.

5. What if my child is an English Learner?

Supports for English Learners are embedded into the weekly assignments. Additional supports will be available in Phase 3. For questions or support, please contact Javier Ramirez, at Jramirez@ojaiusd.org.

6. What if we need technical support?

For elementary and middle school students, we ask that they reach out to their teacher first. If the issue cannot be fixed, the teacher will reach out to our tech support team, who will contact you. If you are having issues connecting with your student’s teacher, please fill out our Help form.

High school students can call a special technical support line directly at (805) 640-4300 extension 1078 or email devicehelp@ojaiusd.org. 

Part 4: 2020-21 Online Class Registration

To ensure our students have access to selecting their courses for the next academic year, Nordhoff and Matilija staff have developed an online platform for student course requests.

Over the past several weeks, Counselors and Administrators have crafted an online registration form that allows students to share their course selections for the upcoming academic year. Just as in previous years, students will be able to prioritize their choices, and Counselors will review the student’s course requests using the online form and the student’s transcript. The appeal for additional elective sections is built into the Online Registration Form. Beginning on Monday, March 30, students will receive a link to fill out their individual, grade-level specific form registration.

Each student’s request will be given individual attention and, if a follow-up conversation is needed or requested by a student, the counselor will reach out to set up an individual video meeting.

This is a new, necessary procedure, not just at OUSD schools, but all schools in our county and many in our state. We value individual meetings and will continue to meet with all students who would like an appointment