The Ojai Unified School District currently elects its Board of Education members through an at-large election system. Under this system, candidates for the Board of Education can reside anywhere in OUSD's area of service and are elected by the registered voters that reside within OUSD's area of service.

OUSD did not receive a demand letter as of yet. We are hoping to make this change before receiving a demand letter and facing any litigation. On March 23th, 2019 the Ojai Unified School District Board of Education members adopted a resolution declaring their intent to investigate a transition to an By-Trustee Area Election System. The resolution of intent can be found here

Pursuant to Election Code Section 10010, OUSD will conduct a series of public hearings over the next 90 days to receive community input on the composition of proposed election geographic areas for Board of Education seats. It is of the utmost important that residents participate and provide feedback during the upcoming public hearings. It is the District’s desire to ensure that the proposed By-Trustee Areas reflect communities of interest and that the community is involved in this process.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information about district elections.