Hall of Character & Achievement

A new student-led initiative is launching today:  Rangers Represent! Hall of Character and Achievement.  

Created by junior Jennifer Donohue and senior Kolbe Fink, "...the idea is to tell the success stories regarding Nordhoff graduates.  We want to give our fellow students, now and in the future, more reasons to feel honored and proud to be a Nordhoff Ranger!"

Jennifer and Kolbe were inspired to create the Hall of Character and Achievement after listening to Nordhoff graduate, Ben Vail, speak to the Nordhoff Greater Good Leadership Program (GGLP) and reading his story in the Ojai Valley News. "We were impressed with all of the things he had done after NHS in the ten plus years after graduating. We wondered why we didn't know about Ben Vail? Wouldn’t it be cool if more students knew about his story and who he is as a person?"

Interested in applying to be a Hall of Character and Achievement speaker?  Please fill out this form

You can click onthis link to find out more information about the program and how you can be involved.