The Media Arts Academy is Nordhoff's creative community of students and faculty working in art, graphic design, video production, film, television, journalism, yearbook, and theater.

The Journalism English class produces the Ranger, Nordhoff's newspaper.

The Yearbook Club produces Nordhoff's yearbook.

Nordhoff's broadcast public educational TV station is ON THE AIR.

Graphic Arts Department (beginning and advanced Graphic Design, Digital Imaging and Digital Illustration/Intro to Animation), and Video Production (Beginning and advanced) offer great choices for students who want to leave high school with real-world creative and technical skills.

The Media Arts Academy gives students professional training so they can develop professional skills. Academy graduates can be well-prepared to begin careers in the media arts or to shine in college, art school, film school or major media programs.

Media Arts Academy students create graphics for important campus and community events.
Media Arts Academy students create programs for public broadcast.
Media Arts Academy students create the Yearbook that will nurture a lifetime of memories.
Join the Academy to major in one or more of our great specialty course sequences.
Academy members always have the privilege of priority enrollment.
Members take the basic courses required for graduation, but all or most of your electives can be through the Academy, and most Academy courses satisfy UC fine arts and English requirements.

Four classes (40 credits) will earn you a Media Arts Certificate--

and four classes will transform you into a Media Arts Specialist!+

►Increase rigor and relevance of electives
►Address need for work readiness
►Recognition for passion in subject area
Recognize depth of study in focus are
Awards Night, Graduation & Transcripts
►Increase enrollment of juniors and seniors
Motivation to continue intellectual growth
Replace TA, study hall and not enrolled status
►Increase student achievement (GPA)