Second Semester Classes

Hello Rangers,

            With second semester classes starting Monday, January 25th, we have a few messages for you:

  1. We will continue our current Distance Learning schedule the week of Jan. 25th-29th.  9am start times, 80 minute Zoom M-Th at regular times and 30 minute Zoom on Friday at the regular times.  We will transition to our in-person schedule once we have our classrooms and facilities ready for students, and we will provide you with as much advanced notification as possible.
  2. Because we are keeping our current schedule at least through Jan. 29, our textbook return and distributions times have changed slightly to prevent conflict with our class times.  Please see librarian Denise Rimpa's updated ParentSquare post or Amy Zuniga's daily bulletin for times and protocols.
  3. Our small cohort Return to Campus plan can be found here, with links to A, B and C cohort schedules.
  4. Second semester classes can be viewed in Canvas.  Go to "Courses" and you should see a list of current classes.  Because teachers are still building their second semester Canvas shells, some are still unpublished and will not be listed here.  But if you select "All Courses" at the bottom of this list, you will be able to see "Future Enrollments" at the bottom for any second semester Canvas classes that are still unpublished.  Please view the short video attached from our Canvas guru, Ms. Cull-Michels.
  5. As teachers start to publish their new Canvas shells for second semester this week and weekend, please visit them prior to class starting on Monday, Jan. 25th at 9am.
  6. Second semester classes can also be viewed now in ParentConnect and Student Connect by following these directions:

To get to Parent Connect -

Parent login with PIN and password, then select Schedule
To get to Student Connect -

Students login with ID number and password (Initials and ID number), then select Schedule.

Thank you for your patience as this is the first time we have had to duplicate the beginning of new classes mid-year on such a large scale.

Principal Monson