Thank you for taking a moment to review Meiners Oaks Elementary School's policies and procedures for students and parents to follow with regard to safety, buying school lunch, reporting tardies and absences, and taking medications. 


Visit the OUSD website
Call the OUSD phone number (805) 640-4300

Listen to the following radio/television stations:
KHAY 100.7 FM
KMLA 103.7 FM or KXLM 102.9 FM (Spanish)
KEYT TV, Channel 3

Note: During extreme weather or other adverse conditions, information about school closures will be available on these stations by 6:00 a.m. (if possible). If no message is on by approximately 6:30 a.m. it is probable that schools will be open. You are urged to continue to listen for messages on these stations in case circumstances worsen. If possible, the District will also use the phone system "call out" feature to notify students and staff regarding school closures or updated conditions. Parents, please be sure your current/most used phone number is on file in the Meiners Oaks office.


Parents need to make every effort possible to have students at their classroom door when the first bell rings at 7:40 a.m.; classes officially begin at 7:45 a.m. each day. Students who are not in their classroom when school begins are required to check in at the school office to sign the tardy log and get a tardy slip for entry to their classroom. By law, our attendance records have to be accurate as they are the basis of our funding. A student who is marked absent but is actually in attendance due to tardiness must have their attendance record changed for us to be in compliance with these laws. In addition, we need this information for safety reasons. The office needs to know who is actually on campus at any given time.

Teachers truly appreciate students who are on time. The school day begins smoothly and efficiently for both teachers and the rest of the class when all students are ready to receive instruction... on time.


If your child is absent, please: 1) Report the absence using the online button on the first page of the school website, or 2) Call the office or leave a message at (805) 640-4378 on the morning of the absence. By law, all absences must be accounted for and recorded.

Regular attendance is essential for a student's maximum achievement. Please try to make any medical or personal appointments after school hours in order to minimize intrusion on instructional time. If it is necessary to schedule an appointment during school hours, please check your child in and out at the school office.

If you know that your child will be missing more than 5 days of school due to a trip, you need to arrange to have an Independent Study Contract for the days your child will miss. You can obtain these forms in the Meiners Oaks front office. Please be aware that teachers need time to develop this type of work assignment for the student, so make the arrangement several days in advance of the absence. The completed contracted work must be turned in when the student returns to school. This procedure is a legal requirement to satisfy attendance laws.


Ice packs, Band-Aids, and the cot in the office are our school's first aid tools. The school is not allowed to dispense any type of prescription or "over the counter" medication without a written authorization. The authorization form, available in the office, must be completed and signed by a parent and doctor. The forms are then kept along with the medication to ensure safe dosage administration by a school staff member. New forms must be filled out if the medication dosage or prescription is changed.

Students may not administer their own medications while on campus, whether prescription or "over the counter". If your child needs to carry an inhaler, the authorization form must indicate that the student has been trained to use the inhaler. However, the inhaler will need to be stored either in the school office or with their classroom teacher.


Meiners Oaks students have the option of buying a school lunch or milk. The price of a school lunch is $3.25 and includes milk; milk alone is $.50. Applications for free or reduced lunch are available in the office or by clicking here. Please return the application to the office at school or the district office if you need this provision. Students on a reduced lunch program will pay just $.40 for a school lunch.


Students at Meiners Oaks Elementary can use the office phone for health problems and transportation emergencies. Students may not use school phones to make after-school recreation arrangements - those need to be resolved prior to school or after they return home. Students going home on the bus with a friend for a playdate need a written note or permission slip from their parents.


Cell phone use is not allowed for students during school hours and on the main campus after school. Cell phones must be turned off and stored in the student's backpack.


School supervision begins at 7:00 a.m. Students who arrive before the first bell at 7:40 a.m. must wait with the supervisor by the lunch area.


Is the after-school program available through the Meiners Oaks PTA. CUB CLUB is a self-funded program, depending entirely on fees generated through student participation. Timely payments are greatly appreciated.

Students who are not picked up, within 30 minutes after dismissal are automatically signed into CUB CLUB and will incur the daily drop-in rate of $10.


Please use the "drive-through" near the school sign for drop-off and pick-up. This helps ensure the safety of students and provides space in the adjacent lot for the buses that arrive and depart throughout the day.
Students on bicycles must walk their bikes once they reach school grounds. Please remind your child to wear a helmet while riding and to lock up their bike during school hours.

Skateboarding, riding scooters, and bicycling are not allowed on campus at any hour.


Common sense is the key in dressing for school. Clothing and footwear need to be appropriate for inclusion in physical education and recess activities. Sandals, flip-flops, and high heels are not considered appropriate for these activities. Hats cannot be worn during class, and pants must be worn at the waist. No bare midriffs, please. No profane or gang-related logos or verbiage on clothing are allowed.


Our goal is to ensure technology tools are available to all students to enhance their academic achievement.

Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form

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