Important Developmental Milestones

Your child is now developing more socially, has real friendships and understands the causes of feelings. Physically he/she is much more coordinated in high-energy activities such as running and climbing and may have progressed to riding a tricycle.

All children develop at different rates; however, in this age range, some skills are especially important for your child’s self-esteem and learning. For example, being able to speak clearly is important in order to be understood by others.

What your child may be doing at three to four years:

  • Socializing with a broader range of people

  • Understanding how to share and play well with other children

  • Developing a sense of humor and concern for others

  • Using hands and fingers skillfully

  • Holding a pencil in a mature grip using his/her preferred hand

  • Speaking well

  • Decreasing temper tantrums

What your child may be doing at four to five years:

  • Asking complex questions

  • Improving walking, running and climbing skills

  • Using a bicycle with training wheels

  • Improving drawing skills and learning to write some numbers and letters

  • Understanding the meaning of numbers

  • Developing relationships with peers

  • Showing independence but maybe becoming frustrated when tired, angry or embarrassed

  • Showing confidence and increasing skill and speed in physical abilities

  • Having extended conversations