UPDATE: July 20, 2020

Although we were poised to reopen our schools with a modified schedule and safety measures in place, as the Governor’s new mandate makes clear we will need to plan for a Distance-Learning only model until such time as we can implement our original hybrid return plan. 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this very new territory. 

Dr. Tiffany Morse, Superintendent of Schools
Ojai Unified School District


August 24th - October 2nd OR as determined by Ventura County Public Health

Under the CDPH framework, a district cannot reopen for in-person instruction unless the county in which the LEA is located has been off the State’s County Monitoring List for at least 14 consecutive days. 


Important Links:


Important Forms:

Home School Application Options


You can find 
Phase II Reopening Plans, as well as the proposed bell schedule, for each school below.  Additionally,we've included a Frequently Asked Questions documents in both English and Spanish.:

Reopening presentation_Elementary_English
Reopening presentation_Matilija_English
Reopening presentation_Nordhoff_English

Reopening presentation_All _ Spanish

Elementary Grades_English
Elementary Grades_Spanish
Matilija Schedule _English
Matilija Schedule_Spanish
Nordhoff Schedule_English
Nordhoff Schedule_Spanish

FAQ sheet in English and Spanish

Additional Information:

  1. The times of the bell schedule are not final, and will likely change based upon our ability to provide transportation.

  2. We are still working on the logistics for TK/Kindergarten and 1st grade.

  3. We will determine which A/B day schedule your child will be on by splitting the student population at each school in half. Our first priority is to put siblings on the same schedule at all sites. Next, we will attempt to accommodate requests to change to a different day. You can fill out the request form in English  here

  4. Return to Athletics Plan can be reviewed here

  5. If you would like homeschool or full distance learning options during Phase II rather than a return to campus, we have options to do so. You can view our options in English here and in Spanish aqui

  1. Elementary home school registration form
    Secondary (Middle/High School) home school registration form

There are still many components that we are working on for next year, and we hope to have more for you on these services as soon as possible. Work in progress includes:

  • Transportation

  • Child Care for Elementary School students during distance learning days

  • Special Education services