Bus transportation is provided for San Antonio students in the East End of Ojai and to Upper Ojai. Please notify the school office if and when your child will need this transportation option. Parents of students on intra-district or inter-district transfers will need to provide transportation for their children to and from school. At San Antonio, we offer a supervised kindergarten club ($5/day) so that kindergarten students can then ride the bus home at school dismissal time for grades 1-6. Sign-up sheets for kindergarten club are available in the school office.

The San Antonio bus routes are posted on the Ojai Unified website under Transportation/School Bus Routes. If you have more specific questions about transportation for your child, please call or leave a message at our district transportation by dialing (805) 640-4300 ext. 1081. They will do their best to answer your question and/or provide transportation information.

The bus schedule is also posted in the school office, and published annually before the first day of school in our local paper, the Ojai Valley News.