Welcome Teachers,

The framework below incorporates appropriate online behavior, safety and privacy, and cyberbullying. Each year, students will be taught one or two lessons provided by

After teaching the lesson to your class, please download the certification form and return it to your principal.

Certification Form

Kindergarten: Going Places Safely

Grade 1: Sending Email

Grade 2: Show Respect Online

Grade 3: Talking Safely Online

Grade 4: The Power of Words

Grade 5: Digital Citizenship Pledge

Grade 6: Safe Online Talk Scams and Schemes

Grade 7: Trillion Dollar Footprint and Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line

Grade 8: Which Me Should I Be? and Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

Grade 9: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Grade 10: Risky Online Relationships

Grade 11: College Bound

Grade 12: Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying