Q: Who can apply for meal assistance benefits?
A: All families that have children enrolled in any public school can fill out a meal application to determine if they qualify for meal assistance. All families can apply for meal benefits at any point of a school year.

Q: Do I need to fill out an application out each year?
A: Yes. The department is required to have a new application on file by the beginning of October of each year. Families who do not fill out a new application will be removed from the program and will be charged full price for meals.

Q: Do I fill out an application for each one of my children?
A: No. Only fill out one application for the entire family and make sure to include all household members. Remember to include adult children that are still living in your house.

Q: What is a “Student ID”?
A: Every enrolled student is given a student ID number. This number can be found on their report card and class schedule. Individual student ID cards are made each year when school photos are taken. The ID number is used to record who participates in the district's daily meal program. Elementary students pick up their identification card from the cafeteria card box that is located inside the cafeteria. The student chooses their food items then brings the card to the cashier. The cashier scans the ID card and is responsible for returning the card to the card box after meal service is over. All students have an ID card available. They are organized by the teacher and placed in the card box daily. 

Cafeteria Line Procedures

Thank you for helping us ensure the cafeteria operates successfully and effectively for our students by following these steps:

  1. All students need to pick up their student ID card prior to getting in the lunch line. The ID card will be scanned when the student goes to the cafeteria cashier. Older students who know their ID number can enter their student ID on the keypad in order to purchase or receive food in the school cafeteria. We recommend parents of younger students teach their child their seven-digit ID number before school begins each year.
  2. Having cash readily available when approaching the cash registers will expedite the serving lines. If possible, having the exact amount is preferable.
  3. When finished eating, students are to throw their garbage in the trash cans and/or recycle bins.
  4. Eating food in the serving areas is not permitted.

Thank you for helping us "Serve Education Everyday",

Staff at OUSD Nutrition Services