Standing Ovation Employee Recognition

Standing Ovation

OUSD Employee Recognition

The Standing Ovation Award is designed to recognize an admirable employee, or team of employees, who demonstrate exceptional work performance, school community involvement, or leadership and commitment to our district and students. The recognition is for a classified or certificated individual, or a group of two or more who have made a significant contribution to the benefit of Ojai Unified School District. 

To Submit a Nomination

for an outstanding employee, or group of employees at OUSD, please fill out this 


Congratulations to our May Standing Ovation Winners!

Karl Rimpa  Summer Chirdon  Kassi Contreras
 Natalie Richards  Laura Alford  Sarah Hoffman
 Heidi Kash, Joseph Clark, Nicole Tries-Botti  Mrs. White  Craig Andrews
 Jessica Fenley  Sherrie Damas  Alex Mejia-Holdsworth
 Ms. Whaley (Kortney)  Brenda Hill  Heather Beamer
 Lisa Patsch, Mira Monte School, Teacher  Heather Beamer, Mira Monte School, Teacher Vicki Hughart, Mira Monte School, Teacher

 June Sears Mira Monte School, Teacher
 Nikki Crawford Mira Monte School, Teacher Kortney Whaley Mira Monte School, Teacher  David Rogers , District Office, Director of Operations

Previous Months' Standing Ovation Winners!

Amy Zuniga, Nordhoff High School
Secretary to the Principal
Nordhoff Special Education Department,
Nordhoff High School
Amber Christensen, District Office Special Education,  Staff Secretary
Shawna Beltran, Topa Topa School,
Nutrition Services
Carolyn Paulsen, District Office Special Education,  Office Administration Sherrie Damas, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Trisha Milauckas, Laurel Randall, A Place to Grow Preschool, Director and Teachers
Maribel Ornales, Meiners Oaks School,
Office Administration
Craig Andrews, Nordhoff High School, Teacher Becky Beckett,
Chaparral High School, Principal
Suzanne Lovelady,  Mira Monte, Teacher Natalie Hay, Nordhoff High School, Teacher Denise Rimpa, Bronwen Cull-Michels and Joyce Young,
Nordhoff High School, Senior Experience Committee
Nadine Litonjua, Mira Monte School,
Aimee Mendoza, Meiners Oaks School, Teacher Pamela Dzukola,  Mira Monte School, Teacher
Lisa Patsch, Mira Monte School, Teacher Juile Chessen,  District Office, Nutrition Services Director Carson Brown, Matilija Middle School, Teacher
Dave Monson, Nordhoff HIgh School
Karen Oswald, Mira Monte School,
Instructional Assistant/Noon Duty Supervisor

Nicole Diaz and Amanda Belcher,  Mira Monte School,
Office Administration
Jessica Fenley, Mira Monte School, Teacher Lisa Patsch, Mira Monte School, Teacher Katherine White and Petra Battleson, Mira Monte School
Principal and Teacher
Bronwen-Cull Michels, Nordhoff High School
Activities Director, Counselor, AVID Teacher
Lorenzo Manzano, Mira Monte, San Antonio, Topa Topa, Meiners Oaks Schools
Music and Robotics Teacher
Jennifer Walker,  San Antonio, Topa Topa Schools
Special Education Teacher
Lorie Alford, Matilija Middle School
Michelle Valenzuela, Matilija Middle School, Teacher

Jesse Yant, District Operations, Computer Technician

Marianne Palmer, San Antonio Elementary School Teacher

Cindy Boehm, Matilija Middle School Office Manager Robin Monson, San Antonio Elementary School Principal
Debbie Allen, San Antonio Elementary School Teacher   Sherrill Knox , Assistant Superintendent, OUSD Brenda Hill, Teacher on Special Assignment, OUSD    Tiffany Morse, Superintendent, OUSD Linda Jordan, Public Information Officer, OUSD

Robin Monson, San Antonio Principal

Angie Genasci, Topa Topa Teacher Kim Eck, San Antonio Teacher
Jamie McMillan, San Antonio Office Manager

Nicole Diaz , Mira Monte Office Manager
Brenda Hill, Topa Topa Teacher

Kortney Whaley
, Mira Monte Teacher
Chris Ando, Topa Topa Teacher

Heather Beamer, Mira Monte Teacher