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Athletic Clearances for Nordhoff High School

Athletic Clearances are required for all students who wish to try out for any sport, Marching Band and/or color guard, OR combination thereof, during the course of the school year. The “clearance” refers to a student’s desire and physical ability to participate in their sport/activity of choice, as well as permissions and releases from their parents to do so. Nordhoff has transitioned to processing our Athletic Clearances through CIF Home-Campus, which utilizes  AthleticClearance.com as a parent portal to securely provide their student information. Please note this is a FREE service to all students and their families, and works best with Google Chrome.

Student athletes and marching band/color guard members can be registered online beginning June 1st for the following school year. Most information will be requested during the online registration process, but a few forms must still be printed and completed. Online registration should take approximately less than 15 minutes. Once all information has been submitted, our Athletic & Music Departments will review the data and “clear” the student for participation in their sport/activity. You will only need to complete the registration ONCE each year, which will cover all sports/activities of your student’s choice.


To begin online registration, go to  AthleticClearance.com and register for an account. If needed, select the appropriate language at the top of the page.

Once your parent account is registered, select CLEARANCES at the top of the page, then select START CLEARANCE HERE! Complete all of the information requested. Register your student for the subsequent school year, and the first sport in which they will participate. When entering your student’s grade level, please remember to select the grade they will be in during the 2016-17 school year.

At the end of Step #1, Student Info, be sure to click DOWNLOAD PHYSICAL FORM, print it and have it ready for your student’s scheduled physical. This is the only form that will be accepted as a sports physical from your child’s physician. If a copy of this form is attached to these instruction, you may use this copy, instead of printing again. If you participated in the Nordhoff sponsored physicals on May 18th, 19th or 25th, you may skip this step, as we already have your completed physical.

Complete all of the information requested and provide electronic signatures from both yourself and your student. After signatures are submitted, you will have the OPTION of making a donation of any amount. This is not required, and you may skip to the Confirmation page.


The confirmation page summarizes the authorizations and limits of liability provided to both parents and school administrators. There is also a link in the body of the Confirmation to print a Parent Driver Packet. Being a Parent Volunteer and/or Driver is optional, but if you choose to be available to support the transportation needs of your student’s events/activities, these forms must be completed and turned into our Athletics office before the scheduled events.

You will have the option of registering your student for additional sports/activities at the bottom of the Confirmation page. Click the box for any additional sports/activities for which you wish to register your student, skipping the one chosen at the beginning of this registration process. Also, click the box acknowledging your electronic signature will be applied to additional clearances. Then, select SUBMIT. If you do not select SUBMIT, your student’s information will not be submitted for the school to review.

You have the option of selecting a Printer Friendly Version of the Confirmation Page on this screen. You may either print this version or the emailed confirmation, which must be signed in ink by both parents and the student. This confirmation must be returned to Essie Landsverk, in the Nordhoff Athletic Dept., along with the student’s completed physical, before the student may participate in any practices, games, or tryouts.


If you have more than one student to register for sports/activities, you will have the option to do so after the first student’s Confirmation page is submitted.

At the top of the screen, you may select “Start Clearance Here!” to add an additional student. If the parent information is the same you can select the parent/guardian from a dropdown menu which will autofill that page.

All medical information, electronic signatures, printed Physical Forms and Confirmation pages must be submitted for each student separately.


Sports Physicals are required from all athletes and Marching Band/Color Guard members before they may participate in any practices (including summer practices), tryouts, or games. Physicals are valid for one school year only. Athletes and physicians MUST use the form supplied by Nordhoff; no other form or letter will be accepted.

Physicals may be scanned and uploaded to your AthleticClearance.com account, or you can drop them off to Essie Landsverk, Athletic Secretary, in the Nordhoff Office. The Nordhoff office will be closed from July 1st through July 20th, so please make sure your Confirmation Page Signatures are submitted before scheduled practices begin.