Friday, March 13 2020
Daily Schedule March 9-13: Monday Colab 1-6; Tue/Wed., Regular Single 1-6; Thursday double periods 1-3-5; Friday double periods 2-4-6.

NO SCHOOL next week March 16-20.


TODAY: An announcement will be made today regarding all sports today and next week.

Parents: Please encourage your students to take home PE clothes today for washing.

Celebrating Women’s History Month:

Marie Curie:
This physicist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize — she actually won it twice — and the first woman to earn a doctorate in Europe. Her investigations led to the discovery of radioactivity as well as the element radium.

Today, Friday March 13th is National Good Samaritan Day- This is a day for unselfish actions to help those in need and to celebrate kindness. Make an effort to help someone who is struggling or having a problem.

Social Justice League meets today in Room A-4 at lunch. All are welcome.

DIA Club meets today at Seminar in the Library. You can still pick up permission slips for the field trip to Matilija on March 20.

Attention Wrestlers: End of the Season Banquet has been moved to March 25 at 5:30pm at the LeSuer House.

Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom Prom
"Fly Me To The Moon" Prom will be held on May 2nd from 7:30 -11:00 at Rancho de las Palmas in Moorpark.
Prom tickets go on sale Tuesday! It's a wonkey week, so don't miss out on getting your ticket at the lowest price! ASB Hours will be: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 9:30 - 3:00
Stop by the ASB office to pick up the paperwork needed to purchase your tickets. Completed paperwork and payment must be turned in at the same time.
The time frame for ticket purchases is very short this year so take note:
March 17 - 27 Tickets are $75.00 (NEW TICKET SALES DAYS WILL BE POSTED SOON)
March 28 - April 13 ASB Office Is CLOSED / No Ticket Sales
April 14 - 22 Tickets are $85.00
Prom is open to all Juniors and Seniors with a passing Citizenship grade. Freshman and Sophomores may attend as a guest of a Junior or Senior. Need more information? See Joyce at the ASB Office, and check this bulletin for updates!

Please visit the CCC (Room F-6) for available scholarships. Many have deadlines coming up soon.