HIV/AIDS Education

Dear Matilija Parent/Guardian:

California state law requires that HIV/AIDS prevention education is taught in middle school and in high school.

HIV/AIDS prevention instruction includes:

  • Information on HIV/AIDS and how it affects the body.
  • How HIV is and is not spread.
  • Discussion of ways to lower the risk of HIV, including:
    • Sexual abstinence and the latest medical information on ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  • Discussion of the public health issues related to HIV/AIDS including STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • Places for HIV testing and medical care.
  • Making good decisions and staying away from risky activities.
  • Discussion about society‚Äôs views on HIV/AIDS, and people with HIV/AIDS.

This unit will be taught from Dec.12-Dec 16, 2016.

Students received a letter from their science teacher last week to have you sign that you were notified.

Brenda Farrant & Amber Morarrez
Science Teacher
Science Department Chairperson
Honor Society Advisor
Matilija Junior High School