MUSTANG MESSAGE, March 7, 2019

Important Dates

Saturday School Mar. 9 (8-12)

Teacher In-Service Day Mar. 11 (no students)

PTO Read-a-Thon Fundraiser Ends Mar. 12

Report Cards home 12:45 dismissal (some conferences) Mar. 15

CIMI for 5th grade Mar. 15 -17

Spring Break Apr. 1-5

Museum of Tolerance - grades 5 & 6 Apr. 9

Saturday school is being held this Saturday, March 9th.  “Spring” is our theme! If your child has missed a day of school this year, PLEASE plan to have them attend.  Funds generated from Saturday school will be used for programs during the 2019-20 school year. We need these funds!

Btw - Of our 385 students, 357 have an absence from school. If every child with an absence attended a Saturday school, we would generate approximately $18,000 for our school.

This is our final week to participate in the READathon! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. So far, we have raised a little over $8,000 towards our $10,000 goal! We are soo close!

It's super easy to sign up! Download an easy guide to sign up online:

Once you sign up, sharing the fundraiser with your friends and family is fast and simple! Thank you for supporting Mira Monte PTO!

When entering our parking lot in the morning, please do not turn into the parking lot from any direction other than from the entrance near bike racks and crosswalk.  We are having an issue with trying to get cars out of the parking lot in the morning due to cars coming in the other entrance. Thank you!

The Nordhoff High School’s production of Crazy for You opens this weekend. Come out to see this amazing production. The cast is talented, stage pieces are fantastic, and the music is outstanding. Here’s a synopsis of the play:

Crazy For You -- the “new Gershwin musical comedy” with a book by famed comedic playwright Ken Ludwig -- is the classic tale of a boy, a girl, and a theater in need of salvation. Stage-struck Bobby Child works as a banker for his overbearing mother, Lottie, but spends his off hours practicing dance routines and sneaking in to audition for Zangler’s Follies, the most popular show in New York City, helmed by Bela Zangler, a temperamental Hungarian producer. Unfortunately, Bobby’s showbiz career is going nowhere, and his strident fiance is insisting that he name the date, so when Lottie demands that he investigate a far-away customer who has defaulted on a mortgage, Bobby jumps at the chance to get out of town. Arriving in hot, quiet Deadrock, Nevada, Bobby falls for Polly Baker, the sweet and sturdy postmistress, whose father happens to own the beautiful, but decaying, Gaiety Theater, which he has been sent to seize. Now lovestruck, Bobby comes up with a plan: call in his friends, the Follies Girls, all the way from New York City, cast the locals-- a bunch of rundown cowboys with latent musical talent--and put on a show to save the old building. Polly falls in turn for the enthusiastic young man, but feels angry and betrayed when she discovers that he comes from the bank. In order to spend time with the furious Polly, Bobby disguises himself as Bela Zangler of Zangler’s Follies, all the better to produce and direct. But while “Zangler” is talking up Bobby to the unsuspecting Polly, Polly is falling for the impersonation of dashing, European Zangler…. and when the real Zangler arrives in town, chasing Tessie, his beloved dance captain, things really get “Crazy!” With a fast-paced and light-hearted script by Ludwig, and a collection of the most beloved tunes of George and Ira Gershwin, including the day-dreamy “Can’t Be Bothered Now”, the catchy, high-energy “Slap That Bass”, and the plaintive, romantic “Someone To Watch Over Me”, Crazy For You is a truly delightful homage to the beloved, optimistic musicals of the 1930s: a world of showgirls and cowboys, in which a city boy and a country girl reconcile their differences, fall in love, and save a theater, the old-fashioned way.

Btw - Ms. Sears has been involved as volunteer in charge of tickets for the NHS musical for 15+ years. Ms. White is the stage manager and has been involved with the musical for 14 years. We encourage our families to come to the show!