February 28, 2019

Important Dates

PTO Meeting - English and Spanish Feb. 28 (6:30 PM)

Report Card Prep 12:45 dismissal Mar. 1

Saturday School Mar. 9

Teacher In-Service Day Mar. 11 (no students)

PTO Read-a-Thon Fundraiser Ends Mar. 12

Report Cards home 12:45 dismissal (some conferences) Mar. 15

CIMI for 5th grade Mar. 15 -17

Spring Break Apr. 1-5

Museum of Tolerance - grades 5 & 6 Apr. 9

We have earned over $6,500 with our READathon to date with 53 families participating.  That’s only 20%! Please help be able to cover this year’s budget by participating in this fundraiser. As a reminder, prizes are listed below:

Whole class registered =  free recess

Raise $50 =  $5 gift certificate for the Book Fair

Raise $100 = $10 gift certificate for the Book Fair

Raise $200 = Golf n Stuff Day

Grade level raises an average of $25 per student =  Movie and Popcorn Party (check the grade level progress in the bulletin board by the back office door - grade level thermometers are up and will be updated daily)

Top two student fundraisers = Principal for the Day!

$10,000 = school-wide blue hair day!

We have been contacted by parents and had students share that peers are accessing inappropriate internet sites at home and telling other students about sites. PLEASE filter what your child can access! They should not be allowed to freely access the internet to search ANY and ALL topics without safety filters. This includes cell phones. At school, all content is filtered.

Parents are usually really good about having conversations with their children about stranger danger. Students need to also be taught “don’t talk to strangers” on the internet.  This includes being in online game rooms.

Students in grades 5 and 6 will participate in a cyber safety program on March 14.

You may have heard on the news, social media, or from your children about the MOMO Challenge.  This is a set of videos that were published showing a creepy sculpture that instructed people to message a phone number on whatsapp. Once someone texted the number they would be sent threats, violent images, and told that if they do not complete a set of challenges, bad things would happen to them or their family. The original challenge was a group of hackers that attempted to gain access to people's accounts and were collecting information on users by scaring them.

According to our IT department, there is no proof that anyone has actually harmed themselves from this challenge; the challenge itself has morphed into a completely different set of issues that has become more of an urban legend of sorts saying things like "MOMO will come out of your phone and hurt you". This has nothing to do with the original hoax, and as far as our IT department can tell, the offending MOMO videos have been removed by youtube, facebook, and whatsapp. The phone numbers used for the challenge have been verified as inactive by outside sources too.  Please be vigilant about knowing what your children are viewing on their computers!

Reminder: Saturday School is being held on March 9th.  “Spring” is our theme! If your child has missed a day of school this year, please plan to have them attend. Information will be sent home after the holiday break.