Read Aloud and Proud Program

At Meiners Oaks, we love our Read Aloud and Proud program. Students are identified by their classroom teachers as needing practice reading and developing strong skills for reading. These students received individual attention for approximately 25 minutes twice a week. The adult volunteer reads to the student, and the student hears proficient reading skills. Then the student reads to the adult and there is a rich conversation about what they read.

Each of the participating students grows a relationship with the adult volunteer since one priority of our program is to keep each adult with the same student as much as possible throughout the year.

We currently have 20 third grade students and 2 fourth grade students participating in our program. The program includes eighteen volunteers. Our very own Martha Lepine, a kindergarten teacher at Meiners Oaks Elementary, is the lead instructor for this program. She, along with volunteer support from Carol Salzman, have recruited these dedicated volunteer readers.

Some of the results of Read Aloud and Proud is a growth in Oral Reading Fluency. Based on assessments, one of our third graders who was reading at a second grade level in mid-September, has shown a one-year and seven-month growth by the end of January. Another student's reading level has grown one-year and two-months in the same four month period. We are very pleased with these results and appreciate the time and energy our volunteers and teachers have invested in Read Aloud and Proud program.