A photo of all of the students working on their computers during class


Parent support is an important component of our student’s success. Please consider joining us at our upcoming events, by viewing our events on our main page.  We can always use tissues, hot and cold paper cups, and paper bowls.

If you know of a local professional who would be interesting in sharing their experiences with our students, please let us know!  Students are especially interested in hearing about working in the building trades, performing arts, and entrepreneurship. 

Also, please consider registering with eScrip to help fund very important programs on campus that support our students’ future success.

Thank you for your support!


Registering your debit and/or credit cards, and gas cards with eScrip earns money for Chaparral every time you shop. It’s free, and simple, to join.

A black and white photo of a mother and her son, the boy holding onto a Christmas crown