Internet Access

Although Ojai Unified has been delivering free hotspots to ensure students and families have internet access, at this time, all available hotspots have been delivered, and additional hotspots are currently backordered.   Please visit our  Internet Options page (printed version in English and Spanish also available at all school sites) for  information on low-cost offers from local providers.



For elementary and middle school students, we ask that they reach out to their teacher first. If the issue cannot be fixed, the teacher will reach out to our tech support team, who will contact you. If you are having issues connecting with your student’s teacher, please fill out our HELP form here.

High school students can call a special technical support line directly at (805) 640-4300 extension 1078 or email devicehelp@ojaiusd.org.

tips for best connection speeds

1. Wireless works best when you can visually see the router from your computer/Chromebook. Walls and furniture that block the space from  your device to the router degrade the quality of the connection. Try to choose a workspace that gives you a clear line of sight between your computer and the router. 

2. Close unused tabs and applications. The more tabs and applications you have running, the slower your connection will be.

3. Visit http://speed.googlefiber.net/ to run a speed test. You will want to have at least 3Mbps when you are planning to attend class.