Superintendent's Message

Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the day that students across the state moved to distance learning. While our schools didn't close, school as we knew it certainly ceased to exist for the last year. 

It’s all taken an unthinkable toll on our students, our families, and our educators — a social, emotional, and academic ordeal that has left us all struggling to cope with the trauma and disruption.

I know that some of you feel that we have failed you as a district, and my heart breaks to know that we have not been able to provide everything that our families needed this year. I can assure you that while our response has not been perfect, our entire team has given their hearts, and much of their personal time, to serving our kids and families over the last year.
We are continuing to build our capacity every week to bring kids back to the greatest extent possible, and like you, we cannot wait to put this last year behind us and return to our healthy, thriving school community. 

Take Care,
Dr. Tiffany Morse, Superintendent 

Free Onsite COVID Testing
In anticipation of bringing more students to campuses and classrooms, we have launched a new, and unique to Ventura County school districts, program of free, ongoing weekly student and staff COVID testing.  Through a partnership with PMH labs, we are providing testing services at no cost to employees, families, or the district. Testing is voluntary for most students but required for student-athletes participating in football, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling.

Beginning next week we will begin voluntary student testing on campus according to the anticipated schedule below.

District Office
Meiners Oaks
Topa Topa
Mira Monte
San Antonio
(every other week)

Students who have permission to take a COVID-test and have the required paperwork will take a 30-second cheek-swab while they are on campus. All results are kept confidential and only provided to families and our district nurse.

In order for students to register for this free COVID testing, families will need to do the following
  1. Complete the initial Patient Test Request form in English here and in Spanish here. You will only need to complete this form once. For instructions on completing the form, please click here for English and here for Spanish. 
  2. Health insurance is not required for testing. However, If you do not have health insurance, please fill out this form in English or this form in Spanish, so that PMH can utilize CARES act funding. Testing will have no effect on your personal policy, your deductible, or generate a co-pay. We suggest that you fill out the form, sign it, and leave the date blank. We can then make copies at the office of the form to give to the nurse each time they take a test. 
  3. A Parent Permission Form is also needed and can be found here in English and here in Spanish.
Additionally, we will have printed forms available in our offices for those who prefer to fill these forms out in person.

If you need any help, please reach out to your school office manager.
Return to Campus Update

While Ventura County remains in the purple tier,  our on-campus options are limited by public health guidelines. However, we are working diligently on scheduling in preparation for Ventura County's move into the red tier. Our priority is to bring all students who elect to be on campus the opportunity to do so to the greatest extent possible. 

We are also working on collapsing our elementary cohorts so students who are attending in-person have the opportunity to come to campus four days per week. We are also applying this concept to Matilija cohorts so that students will attend every week, beginning next week. You will be hearing more from your site principals on the specific details. Families who elect to remain on distance learning will still have access to teachers during the regularly scheduled distance learning time.  

Additionally, we are currently in negotiations with our teachers to finalize schedules for middle and high school students to transition from our current small cohort schedule to a hybrid schedule. We are anticipating that we will be in the red tier in the next week or two, so in order to give our staff time to prepare and not disrupt the 3rd quarter, the transition to hybrid will begin after spring break, which is the first week of April. The negotiation process does not allow us to share our progress until negotiations are concluded, but we will have more information on the schedules as soon as they are finalized.

2021-22 School Year
In addition to planning our hybrid schedule for our anticipated transition to the red tier, we are working on the schedules for next year.

We are committed to bringing our elementary students back full-time, 5 days per week, and will be spending our COVID funding on extra staffing to make that happen. We will also be retaining a homeschool option for families. For more information on all of our education programs, please click here. 

We are working on schedules for our middle and high school students that will allow students to be on campus for all classes 4-5 days per week. The social distancing requirement of 4-6 feet imposed by public health is a limitation for all California secondary schools including ours, however we are working on creative solutions to use funding and resources to bring our students back with a schedule that is as close to normal as possible.