OUSD 7-11 Committee


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 Balfour Beatty Needs Assessment  Andy Cantwell  10- 22-15  10-22-15 10-22-15 
 School Facilities Capacity Study  Demitri Corbin  11-3-15  11-3-15  none available
 Enrollment Projection Study  Chris Danch  11-19-15  11-19-15  11-19-15
 Elementary Facility Inspection Tool (FIT)  Glenn Fout, Chair  12-10-15  12-10-15  12-10-15
 2015-2016 Elementary School Budget  Linda Jordan  1-7-16  1-7-16  1-7-16
Classroom Usage and School Capacity  Melanie Marx  1-28-16  1-28-16  1-28-16
Portable Buildings at Elementary Schools   Steve Quilici  2-11-16  2-11-16  2-11-16
2011-2016 Intra-District and Inter-District Transfers  Marianne Ratcliff  2-25-16  2-25-16  2-25-16
Elementary School Use of Facilities  Merv Van Auker  3-3-16  3-3-16  3-3-16
Summary of Costs for Certain District Expenditures   Gabriela Vargas  3-10-16 3-10-16  3-10-16
2014-15 Demographic Comparison for Elementary Schools David White Public Hearing
 3-17-16  3-17-16
Necessary Small Schools Scenario

3-30-16 English
3-30-16 Espanol
 3-30-16  3-30-16
2015-16 Elementary School Consolidation Savings    4-13-16 English
4-13-16 Espanol
 4-13-16  none available
Appraisal of Five Elementary Schools    2-12-18    2-12-18
Process for Arriving at a Decision         
 2015-2016 OUSD Elementary Enrollment Demographic Data        -


Final Report of the 7-11 Committee to the Ojai Unified School District Board of Education 

(Attached to the report you will find the personal statement of each of the 11 committee members.)


7-11 Summer 2016 Project List 


7-11 Committee Formed to Study Options for the Use of Our Elementary School Sites

 At the October 6, 2015 Board meeting, the Board members unanimously approved the selection of eleven members to the 7-11 Committee. 

Information Relating to Potential Membership on the District 7 -11 Committee Studying Options for Use of Our Elementary School Sites

At the August 18, 2015 Board Meeting, the Board members unanimously authorized the creation of a District-wide committee of no less than seven and no more than eleven members.  Appointments to the Committee will occur at either the September 15 or October 6 Board Meeting. It is anticipated that the Committee’s work will span from October, 2015 through February, 2016 with at least two meetings per month except in December.

The Committee’s work will focus on a study of options for the number and sites of our elementary schools in the future. The specific charges to the Committee will be determined by the Board of Education at its September 15 Board Meeting.


According to the California School Code, a 7-11 Committee shall complete the following tasks:


  1. Review the projected school enrollment and other data as provided by the district to determine the amount of surplus space and real property.

  2. Establish a priority list of surplus space and real property that will be acceptable to the community.

  3. Cause to have circulated throughout the attendance area a priority list of surplus space and real property and provide for hearings of community input to the committee on acceptable uses of space and real property, including the sale or lease of surplus real property for child care development purposes pursuant to Section 17458.

  4. Make a final determination of limits of tolerance of use of space and real property.

  5. Forward to the district governing board a report recommending uses of surplus space and real property.


Application for Membership on the District 7 - 11 Committee

Please e-mail your answers to the questions below to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools Kathy Smith by Wednesday, September 23 at:




















1.) In which elementary school attendance area do you reside?


2.) Please describe your longevity and involvement with the Ojai Unified School District. For example, did you attend our schools? Have you had children who attend and/or attended our schools? If so, in what parent activities did you participate? Please feel free to add additional commentary beyond these issues.


3.) Why do you want to participate in this Committee and how do you think you would enhance its deliberations?