Classified Personnel Retirement Information

Are you considering retirement?  If so, it is important that you contact CalPERS right away! 

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CalPERS Website

The CalPERS website will provide information on the following:

Service Credit

Find out information on how you earn service credit, service credit purchase options, Second Tier Conversion, and your Annual Member Statement.

Retirement Benefits

Learn about planning your retirement, applying for retirement, refund of member contributions, and more.

Deferred Compensation & Other Supplemental Savings Programs

CalPERS offers a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan for our public agency and school members. See how this Program can help you reach your retirement goals.

Death Benefits

CalPERS knows that the loss of a loved one is a difficult time. Find out how CalPERS can assist you with determining what benefits are available.

Health Benefits Program

You'll find the information and tools you need here to make the right health plan choice for you and your family. There is also information on our PERSCare and PERSChoice plans, moving into retirement and coordinating your health care coverage with Medicare.

Long-Term Care Program

CalPERS offers a comprehensive program to meet your long-term care needs. The Program is available to all California public employees and retirees, their spouses, parents, parents-in-law, and adult siblings. Find out here how this coverage can help protect your financial security.

Online Services, Calculators & Tools

This Online Services Menu takes you directly to all our online planning tools and business services, like the Retirement Planning Calculator, Service Credit Cost Estimator, Annual Member Statements, and more. Since many of these services require an online account, you'll also find registration information here.

Legislation, Regulations & Statutes

You'll find information on the Public Employees' Retirement Law, as well as the other State regulations and statutes that govern CalPERS and our benefit programs and services.

Seminars, Workshops & Events

Find out the latest information on what's happening at CalPERS, when we may be in your area, and upcoming member seminars and workshops.

Changing Your Address

Making sure CalPERS has your latest address information is very important. Find out more of the various ways you can let us know if your address changes.

PERSpective Newsletter

Take a look at the latest CalPERS quarterly newsletter. You can also review past editions in the PERSpective archives.

Resource Library

Check out these helpful links to other Web site resources - including links to public retirement systems across the country, health and investment industry links, and other related State agencies.