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Conference Procedures 
For  all  conferences,  the  conference  request/reimbursement form must be completed and submitted prior to attendance. All conference information must be attached to the form. After approval or disapproval is determined, a memorandum and the corresponding copies of the Conference Request/ Reimbursement form will be returned to the employee.

Mileage Reimbursement Procedures

Requests for mileage reimbursements should be filled out on the local mileage report form. The form should be used on a monthly basis and submitted monthly for payment within fifteen days after the close of the month. Please do not accumulate months. The current reimbursement amount is $ 0.54 per mile. The per mile reimbursement amount is established by the IRS and FTB.


Please remember that all orders must be approved and placed through the Purchasing Department only. The order request must be complete and filled out on a purchase requisition form. Unauthorized orders and/or purchases will be paid by the individual placing the order.