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Go Rangers! 


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Go Rangers! 

Scholarship, Tradition, Opportunity and Community

Dear Ranger Families,

Nordhoff is very proud to serve you and your children, our students, on their last and final educational step here in the Ojai Unified School District. We believe that the phrase "Citizen-Student-Athletes/Artists" best describes our Rangers. We uphold the ideal of students as citizens first, and so we emphasize the importance of character, personal integrity and ethics. Second, we value a rigorous academic program, focusing on challenging students in all academic pursuits, particularly those that the student ultimately chooses as most relevant for his/her post-secondary goals and life. Third, what students do outside of the classroom with respect to athletics, music, drama, dance, community service etc. is central to our vision for our Rangers because so many aspects of personal growth and many life skills are developed beyond classroom walls.

Additionally, we believe Nordhoff High School can best be described in four words: Scholarship, Community, Opportunity and Tradition. We want our Rangers to exhibit the hallmark traits of scholarship, and so we challenge them to be the most thoughtful, skilled, articulate, knowledgeable, creative problem-solvers as possible. And, we always challenge our students to not merely attend Nordhoff High School, but rather to become a member of the community at Nordhoff  by being involved in the life of the school beyond the classroom, and we believe the core of the life of this school is in community. With Nordhoff's broad array of course offerings, clubs, athletic and artistic experiences available, Nordhoff represents many opportunities for our students to grow into the kind of people we would be thankful to have as neighbors, friends, coworkers and leaders. And, with over 100 years of history, Nordhoff has a rich, wonderful tradition and culture for students to find their place in, to benefit from, and ultimately pass on to the next generation of Rangers.

We welcome you to Nordhoff High School. Go Rangers!

Greg Bayless, Principal

Monthly Character Trait

Character Trait for April: Self-Control. Do the things you have to do so you can do the things you want to do. Develop the ability to consistently choose to do good and important things that you may not feel like doing in the moment, for your long-term benefit and future self. Go Rangers!

Our Values

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Our Promise

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