The teachers, staff and administration at Nordhoff, are very proud to serve you and your children, our students, on their last and final educational step here in the Ojai Unified School District. 

We believe that the phrase "citizen-student-athletes/artists" best describes our Rangers, the order of which reflects our relative commitment to those facets of our students’ lives. Additionally, we believe Nordhoff High School is a place that can be best described in four words: Scholarship, Community, Opportunity and Tradition. We want our Rangers to exhibit the hallmark traits of scholarship, and so we challenge them to excel as the thoughtful, skilled, articulate, knowledgeable, creative problem-solvers we believe they can be. And, we always challenge our students to be more than merely attendees of Nordhoff High School, but rather to become a member of the community at Nordhoff by participating beyond the classroom in the form of clubs, athletics, arts and leadership, as we believe the core of the life of this school is in community.

Go Rangers!  -  Dr. Greg Bayless, Principal

Letter from the Board and administration addressing the safety of our students and, in particular, undocumented immigrant families.

Click to review the letters in both English and Spanish that were mailed on Friday, April 21, 2017 to secondary students' homes and placed in elementary students' backpacks.  The text was written in response to statements made about undocumented immigrants during the presidential campaign and soon after the election. About half of the school districts in the County have adopted such positions speaking directly to this issue.

Information regarding Undocumented Students and Families

New Statewide School Accountability System - California School Dashboard 

(available March 15, 2017) click here for information


Nordhoff Mission Statement
With Nordhoff's broad array of academic, club, athletic and artistic experiences available, Nordhoff represents many opportunities for our students to grow into the kind of people we would be thankful to have as neighbors, friends, coworkers and leaders.

With over 100 years of history, Nordhoff has a rich, robust tradition and culture for students to find their place in, to benefit from, and ultimately pass on to the next generation of Rangers. We welcome you to Nordhoff High School. Go Rangers!