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January 16, 2018

Ranger families,


We have a minimum day today, Tues. 1/16, for first semester grading, with a dismissal at 12 noon.  

Second semester begins today, Tuesday, Jan. 16, for most classes--particularly our freshmen social studies classes that will transition to either Health or World Geography.  


There will also be no formal, half-day finals scheduled for first semester.  Some teachers had finals during the double periods on Jan. 11th-12th and others will offer finals this week during double periods Jan. 18-19th.  Most teachers will modify their finals and some will not have any comprehensive final exams, instead offering a unit / chapter exam to conclude the first semester.  

But as mentioned above, some classes need to extend their first semester curriculum and projects beyond 1/16 so first semester grades will not be posted until Friday, Jan.26th to allow teachers to provide adequate feedback on student projects and research papers.


We ask for your patience during this month as both students and staff will need extra time to finish our first semester and return to our regular school routine.  There may be delay or disruption to ParentEdge this week as we work to get new schedules uploaded.

Principal Dave Monson

Help for those who lost their homes in the Thomas Fire and /or have experienced economic hardship as a result of the fire.  Click here



Nordhoff families,

In an attempt to encourage greater participation in athletics and extracurricular performing arts, Nordhoff has started an initiative to allow student-athletes/artists to request no credit and grades for their involvement in these programs.  This petition is intended to help students who may have a GPA greater than 4.0, are involved in multiple programs whose practices / rehearsals may conflict, or students who may have work conflicts.  

For students who have an overall GPA greater than 4.0, a non-weighted letter grade in athletics or performing arts can actually lower their GPA--even if they earn an A grade.  As well, some students may not be able to attend all practices or rehearsals if they are enrolled in multiple programs that practice or rehearse at the same time.  With this petition, they can request a modified schedule.  Finally, we recognize that some students have work or family obligations that make them unable to attend on a regular basis.

Any student who is interested in seeking flexibility with athletics or performing arts can download the form on our athletics page or from the link below.  The petition will also help create communication between student, their family, and those teachers / coaches to establish participation expectations and scheduling.

Nordhoff Petition for No Credit.docx

Dave Monson, Principal


Welcome to Nordhoff High School!

We are a great small school, and look forward to working with our students and families to help them achieve their high school goals and prepare for their post-secondary lives.  Our strengths lie in our four pillars of success:  Scholarship, Community, Opportunity, and Tradition.  We strive for excellence in all academic subjects.  We want students to become stronger readers, better writers, and more critical thinkers.  Whether a student’s goal is the top university in the country, a local community college, vocational training or military service, we want every student to do their best.  We have also found that a positive, supportive, inclusive school culture tends to bring out the best in all of us so we take citizenship seriously.  We want our students to be kind, caring role models and strive to leave Nordhoff a better place than they found it.  Because of the wide variety, interests and goals of our students, we work hard to create and maintain as many choices as possible.  In addition to our solid core academics, we have art and performing art programs, CTE programs such as welding, auto, health science, video productions and graphic design, over twenty different athletic programs, and a veteran counseling department and college and career specialist to assist students and families for life after Nordhoff.  Finally, this school has been educating and supporting students and families in the Ojai Valley for over one hundred years, and we are excited to be a part of that legacy.  We are glad you are here with us.

David Monson, Principal 

Letter from the Board and administration addressing the safety of our students and, in particular, undocumented immigrant families.

Click to review the letters in both English and Spanish that were mailed on Friday, April 21, 2017 to secondary students' homes and placed in elementary students' backpacks.  The text was written in response to statements made about undocumented immigrants during the presidential campaign and soon after the election. About half of the school districts in the County have adopted such positions speaking directly to this issue.

Information regarding Undocumented Students and Families

New Statewide School Accountability System - California School Dashboard 

(available March 15, 2017) click here for information


Nordhoff Mission Statement
With Nordhoff's broad array of academic, club, athletic and artistic experiences available, Nordhoff represents many opportunities for our students to grow into the kind of people we would be thankful to have as neighbors, friends, coworkers and leaders.

With over 100 years of history, Nordhoff has a rich, robust tradition and culture for students to find their place in, to benefit from, and ultimately pass on to the next generation of Rangers. We welcome you to Nordhoff High School. Go Rangers!