Katherine White, Principal



Welcome to Mira Monte School, Home of the Mustangs.  Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know our innovative school and programs. Mira Monte is a cutting-edge technology elementary school.  All students are learning in a 1:1 computing environment that infuses technology and project-based learning.  Our teachers have been receiving extensive training in order to develop engaging lessons that challenge students and encourage critical thinking. At Mira Monte our top priorities are to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment and to ensure a rigorous and relevant academic path for our students.  We strategically plan curriculum, instruction, assessments, and professional development activities to meet the learning needs of our students.  We are committed to implementing a common core standards-based curriculum that will prepare students to become responsible and productive citizens of our world. We invite you to explore this website, contact the office, or schedule a tour to learn about the amazing things happening every day at Mira Monte School.  

Letter from the Board and administration addressing the safety of our students and, in particular, undocumented immigrant families.

Click to review the letters in both English and Spanish that were mailed on Friday, April 21, 2017 to secondary students' homes and placed in elementary students' backpacks.  The text was written in response to statements made about undocumented immigrants during the presidential campaign and soon after the election. About half of the school districts in the County have adopted such positions speaking directly to this issue.

Information regarding Undocumented Students and Families



New Statewide School Accountability System - California School Dashboard 

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Mission Statement

The mission of Mira Monte School is to equip our students physically, emotionally, and academically to become healthy, self-confident, and independent learners.  Our staff is dedicated to accomplishing this through a student-centered, multicultural, technology-integrated, collaborative program within a safe and secure environment.

Technology Mission Statement


The technology mission of Mira Monte School is to assure that learners can adapt to the challenges of the 21st century through the access and utilization of technology in gathering, using, and communicating information in order to make responsible decisions as global citizens.  Click here for more information.