Welcome to Meiners Oaks!







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Welcome to Meiners Oaks!


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Welcome to Meiners Oaks!

This year at Meiners Oaks School will be busy, and we would love to have everyone involved!  There is something for everyone to help with on our campus.  If you love books, get involved as a library volunteer.  Anyone with a green thumb (or not) can help at lunchtime on Wednesdays with garden club.  The PTA is active with fundraisers and meeting to bring great ideas to life, with the input and help from parents, families and friends.  You can volunteer on a weekly basis, or just help when you can.  We love and rely on volunteers.  Contact our school office at 640-4378 and let us know you are willing to help and we will get you plugged into our school.

Meiners Oaks is a school within a wonderful community.  A Positive Attitude Will Succeed (PAWS) is our motto and we encourage anyone who is involved with our students to practice these words.  It is even the motto for our daily reading program.

As our school continues to grow, get involved.  It really does take a village to raise a child, and we are all a part of the village!


Mrs. Damianos

Principal, Meiners Oaks School

Our Mission

Meiners Oaks Elementary School embraces the unique and diverse qualities of each student, providing a total educational environment which fosters high aspirations, self-confidence, technology, communication, basic academic skills, regard for others, and deep appreciation of life and learning.

La Escuela Primaria de Meiners Oaks abarca las unicas y diversas calidades de cada estudiante manteniendo una educacion total dentro de un ambiente criado de aspiraciones de alta nivel, confidencia, techologia, comunicacion, conocimientos academicos, basicos, considerado por otros, y una profunda apreciacion de la vida al aprendizaje.

Our Values

Meiners Oaks Elementary School is focused on both academic and social learning. The staff emphasizes progress in student's academic learning as well as the student's personal and social responsibility. We encourage students to be well-educated, responsible, and considerate for the new century ahead. We also encourage students to have experience and expertise in the visual and performing arts, technology, fitness and nutrition, and conflict resolution.

Meiners Oaks Elementary School is a family-centered school and encourages parents to be full partners in their children's education.