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Alternative Education Opportunities


Alternative Education -640-4330 ext. 1960


Adult Education High School Diploma Program:This program is for adults (18 and older) who want to earn a high school diploma. Students must satisfy the District requirement of 225 credits and must pass the California High School Exit Exam in order to earn a diploma. Classes are held Wednesday and Thursday - 5 to 7 pm in Room 5 at the District office.

Independent Study - Grades 9-12: An alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the District’s course of study. It is not an alternative curriculum. The program is voluntary and offers educational choices to students and families.

Ojai Unified School District Home School (K-8)



Do you want the best of both worlds for your child; the curriculum, structure, and support provided by the District, a master teacher who will individually tailor the learning for your child, and you, with flexible time to decide the daily schedule that works for your family? Then you want....


Ojai Unified Home School Program (OHS) is a K-8 District funded program that uses Common Core based curriculum. Core classes are assigned by master teachers who work individually with parents and students in a comfortable classroom setting. OHS is an academically driven program and yet Parents have the flexibility to provide enrichment, field trips, physical education, and cultural experiences in the way that best suits their family.


Where does OHS meet?

At the District office, in Room 13, directly across from the Infant Center.


When does OHS meet? How often?

The student and a parent meet with the master teacher weekly to receive individually tailored assignments to be completed at home with the parent.  The assignments are reviewed at the next weekly meeting.


What grades are served?
Grades K through 8th are served by OHS.


How can I find out more?

Email Martha Ditchfield at for general information or for a brochure, or call 640.4300 ext.1911.