Mental Health

Ojai Unified School District Health Services


Jeanine Murphy

(805) 640-4343 Ext 1858

Mental Health Supports through OUSD from a generous grant from Help of Ojai.

Student Bereavement Program

Marriage and Family Therapist interns (individuals who have obtained their master’s degree and are gaining hours while under the supervision of a licensed clinician so they can sit for their state exams) and trainees (individuals who are currently in the process of obtaining their masters degree and are gaining hours of experience while supervised by a licensed clinician) provide individual and group counseling free of charge at the various school sites during school hours.

How to request counseling for your child: please contact your child’s teacher, your school’s Principal or School Psychologist if you are interested in getting mental health support for your child.

What kinds of reasons do students have for entering into therapy: death of a parent, close family member or pet; anxiety that impedes their ability to concentrate in school; difficulty managing frustrations and anger; divorce; stress; change in schools or multiple family moves; and many other reasons

How long will my child be in therapy? Each person is different, but typically student’s are in therapy anywhere from 6 weeks to a year.

When will the therapy sessions occur?Therapy sessions will take place during school hours. Therapists will work with your child and your child’s teacher to determine the best meeting time. Therapy sessions usually occur one time per week and last anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes.

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